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Lieutenant Commander H. Jackson Sherertz

H. Jackson Sherertz

Lieutenant Commander

Squadron 34

Born 1917 in Roanoke, Va. Died 2012 in Mint Hill, NC. Was in Naval ROTC at Georgia Tech where he graduated in May 1940. Joined the Navy in July 1940. Training cruise on the USS Arkansas in October 1940. Midshipmen school November 1940 - February 1941 (90 Day Wonder). April 1941, reported to the USS Nevada at Pearl Harbour as an Ensign, USNR. Survived the attack on Pearl Harbour on the deck of the USS Nevada and was transferred to PT Squadron 1 after the Nevada was put out of commission. Relocated with RON 1 to Midway in May 1942 in time to participate in the Battle of Midway. Became the Commanding Officer at the Midway Naval Base and was promoted to Lieutenant jg and then Lieutenant while stationed at Midway from May 1942-October 1943. Relocated briefly to PT Training Headquarters at Warwick RI where he met JFK. Reassigned to RON 34 as the Executive Officer and shipped to Weymouth England. RON 34 guarded the western flank of the D-Day Invasion and then patrolled the Channel Islands. He was promoted to CO of RON 34 and was ordered to attack a small German convoy moving from Guernsey Island to Jersey Island. PT 509 was sunk and 16 men died. Ordered to turn the RON 34 boats over to the Russians. Back briefly to Warwick RI then shipped to the Philippines. When the Japanese surrendered he was ordered to burn the Pacific PT boat fleet and then his war was over. He then worked in textiles until he retired. He refused to talk about the war until 2009 (age 91), three years before he died.

To learn more about this great man and his story we cannot recommend enough the below book written by his son Robert J Sherertz "A Hero Among Millions". A big personal thanks go out to Robert from Kimberley and Phil for the permission to use photos from the Sherertz Collection and his assistance in documenting the story of RON34 and his Farther 

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